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Contributors to CBII via James Cravens

Christopher Casey

Mr. Casey is the main contributor through James Cravens in particular the Chinese Boxing Synthesis philosophy. This relates a good part to the martial studies in CBII. Mr. Casey taught a focus on boxing principles while respecting the individual arts as taught to him by several teachers primarily in Taiwan. The mind technique of Mr. Casey was his strength as his art was very practical. If ever there is such a thing as "smart boxing", Mr. Casey would certainly be a contributor. He died early and his thinking is surely missed by all of us at CBII.

History of CBII

Chen Xiaoxing

Chen Xiaoxing is the brother of Chen Xiaowang and CBII hosted him for the first time in the US this year (2007). We list him as a contributor as he continued the teaching and message that his brother does twice a year for CBII. He continues to run the school in Chen Village.

Tao Ping Siang

Dr. Tao Ping Siang taught Mr. Casey for many years. Mr. Casey died in 1986 and Mr. Cravens was able to begin hosting Master Tao in FL and at other spots starting in 1990. Joe Rea Phillips, a CBII instructor was also able to host Master Tao in Nashville for several years. CBII was also able to derive many things about Master Tao's technique through Nathan Menaged who was Master Tao's senior student of Water Boxing and Taiji. Nathan gave of himself to come with Master Tao and help us in the seminars on several occasions.


Chen Quanzhong and Yan Gaofei

Yan Gaofei began teaching Mr. Cravens Chen Taiji in 1995. He brought his master Chen Quanzhong from Xian, China over to the states on three occasions. He would stay for a month and teach privately and teach seminars as well. Master Chen is 19th generation master of Chen Taiji. Master Chen is known for his older method of Large Frame Chen Taiji.

Chen Xiaowang

Chen Xiaowang is a 19th generation Master of Chen Taiji and is probably the best well know Chen Master who spreads the art internationally. Mr. Cravens began hosting him in 2003. In 2006 Master Chen took Mr. Cravens as an indoor student along with others at a ceremony in Chen Village.